A ‘Shed For Life’ client…

I have had huge battles with my weight ever since about the age of 14. I have mainly tried weight watchers and plenty of regular exercise but I still found the weight was slow to come off and difficult to keep off.

After starting the HCG diet with Nicki, I have to be honest and say that I really struggled at first. I felt hungry in the first week and had numerous doubts about me being able to carry on. I felt grumpy and more that a little angry in the first week and also had a few struggles with blood sugar lows. It wasn’t easy nor was it pleasant. In fact, it was downright horrible!

I had been going to Nicki for about 10 years for homeopathy treatment prior to going on the HCG diet and so I was very open to her suggestion of combining homeopathic treatment with the HCG diet to counter the negative effects that it was having on me. After taking just one dose of the homeopathic remedy Nicki prescribed, I was a different person and managed quite easily to continue on and complete 36 days of phase 3, or the “ diet” phase. The remedy altered my mood for the better, reduced my hunger levels to practically nothing and helped me focus on the task at hand, which was to lose the stubborn fat that had dogged me my entire life! I felt happy and determined to succeed.

After finishing phase 3 of the diet, I continued on the maintenance phase, which I found enjoyable and really very easy. I also found that following the guidelines for the eat Right For Your Blood Type was also helpful. I found that if I limit or avoid the foods that are shown to be unhelpful for my blood type, I find that I can easily maintain my new weight and I don’t have to watch what I eat, count points or worry about portions. I eat if I feel hungry and I make sure that I don’t eat past the point of feeling full. I enjoy eating all of my favorite foods and feel so much more free. I really feel that I have got my life back after many many years of feeling miserable. I am in control without having to be controlling about my food. It is very liberating and exciting.

Thank you Nicki!!!


It is very unusual to experience the difficulty on this programme as described by my client above. What we realized, afterwards was that a bad tummy bug from a Fiji trip had taken more of a toll than realized initially. So, despite feeling ‘back to normal’ health wise after the bug, in fact this was not the case. The advantage to my client of being a homeopath as well was that I could in fact prescribe and hence the programme being a success.