Dr. Peter D’Adamo has undertaken much research into the effect of the way we absorb nutrients depending on our blood type.

Consider his work when you are assessing the effect of eating certain foods. If you experience symptoms after eating certain foods OR your weight goes up noticeably it may be because the food is considered non beneficial for your blood type. If you see this type of reaction to eating certain foods AND it is on the avoid list for your blood type then try to have a diet that avoids that food in the main.

You may also find you react to certain foods that are on your ok list. This means that for you it is not ok or you have an underlying issue that means you are temporarily not metabolising that food that needs to be addressed in some other way.

The main point to be made here is to listen to your body and what works for you and does not work for you regardless of whether it is on a list of some sort. The lists are just a mere guide to help guide you towards a diet that work for you.

As a practitioner I can assess your blood type if you dont know it already and can provide to you your basic table for your blood type to follow as a start to eating right for life.

Most people will lose weight following their blood type diet. However, compared to Shed for life and Shake It, it takes longer to shift weight if you havea lot to lose. It may be better to ‘kick start’ your weight loss goal with one of these programmes first and then move onto a maintenance programme which includes being aware of eating right for your blood type.

Blood Typing

If you do not know your blood type and you are interested then I can do this analysis for you here at The Twig Centre or you can ask your Doctor to have a blood test done.

Advanced Typing – Genotyping

Dr D’Adamo has furthered his work which allows the blood typing at the basis level to be further refined. This work is reflected in his book called ‘The genotype Diet’ and requires a more complex set pf measures to be undertaken to determine your genotype. Your genotype takes into account your blood type and refines the tables below. If you are interested in this work you can either purchase the book or have me undertake this for you.