Shed For Life focuses on 4 main outcomes for you as a client

  1. Weight loss
  2. Re setting your metabolic clock
  3. Learning how to maintain your New Weight for life by learning what foods are right for you
  4. Improving your health indicators (cardiovascular risk, BMI (body mass index), cellular quality = better energy; hydration levels; cholesterol levels etc)

While the initial phase of the program focuses on weight loss, it is most important to understand that the MAIN aim is resetting your metabolic clock. That is, you will NOT succeed long term if you simply undertake the weight loss phase of the Shed for Life programme and not follow through with the remaining phases which focus on learning how to maintain your New Weight for life. The focus of later phases centres around the methodical reintroduction of food back into your diet, thereby allowing you to understand through your body’s response, which  foods work well with your metabolism and which do not.

Benefits of Shed For Life:

  • Coaching: support and close guidance enhances the likelihood of you succeeding. Knowing you are not on your own and that you have a professionaal to help trouble shoot and support you should any difficulties arise
  • Saftey: I have trained to use an assessment and monitoring tool called Bio-Impedance Analysis ( BIA see below) which allows me to assess how your body is responding to the weight loss phase of the program by being able to assess cell quality, inflammation, hydration levels etc. The BIA retests each week also enable me to troubleshoot should that needs arise. This could mean taking a supplement or eliminating a problem food etc
  • Motivational: each week a new BIA test is undertaken allowing you to track your progress. Watching a steady reduction in your unwanted fat mass is very motivationsl; as is watching the reduction in your BMI(Body Mass Index); reduction in cardiovascular risk; improvement in cell quality; and a reduction in biological age (compared to your actual age). This is incredibly motivating for clients. Copies of these reports and graphs are provided to you each week.
  • Homeopathic/Naturopathic treatment: there can be times when it is useful for me to prescribe a homeopathic remedy or a herbal tonic etc for those who show any signs of struggling due to the detoxing aspect of the weight loss phase. Please read the Case Study/Testiomonial which demonstrates the benefit my being able to assess and prescribe to ensure that the programme is as easy as it possible can be for everyone to succeed

What happens at each appointment?

First appointment 1 hour:

  • BIA assessment (refer BIA Tab)
  • Taking key body measurements
  • Programme guidelines handed out with overview
  • Starter pack given
  • Agree start date for weight loss phase
  • Book follow up appointments for coached part of programme

Inbetween weekly face-to-face appointments – Email of progress (as needed)

  • Name:
  • Day of diet:
  • Weight today:
  • Total weight lost to date:
  • Ketones:
  • Any Concerns:

Weight loss phase – Weekly face-to-face follow up – ½ hour

  • BIA reassessment
  • Review of recording sheets
  • Trouble shooting
  • Coaching and support
  • Remedies if needed

Last day weight loss phase – 1 hour follow up

  • BIA reassessment
  • Full body remeasure
  • Guidelines for phase 4 handed out and reviewed
  • Coaching and support
  • Remedies if needed

‘Resetting body clock’ – Maintenance phase – Weekly ½ hour follow up

  • BIA reassessment
  • Review of recording sheets
  • Trouble shooting
  • Coaching and support
  • Remedies if needed
  • Guidelines for phases 5 and 6 handed out on successful completion of phase 4

Non-coached phases – Reintroduction of all foods in line with personal plan

BIA check ups from phase 5 and 6 onward are NOT part of the package BUT optional and highly recommended.