Babies respond well to osteopathy.

A babies skull bones are soft with gaps called fontanelles. This allows for some slight overlapping of the bones as the head passes through the birth canal. This overlapping is known as moulding. Moulding also occurs during the pregnancy particularly the later stages when the baby is engaged and running out of room.

Some babies at birth will look “squashed” or have a “cone head shape” these are visible signs of the moulding process. Babies will start to release this unresloved moulding themselves by crying, suckling, yawning and because they can easily access their own ability to restore their Health.

However, sometimes this unmoulding process is incomplete.

Common presentations of babies and children at The Twig Centre are:

  • A general check up- to make sure everything aligned.
  • A crying, unsettled baby.
  • A baby who doesn’t sleep.
  • A baby who finds it difficult to bring wind up, or is colicy, spilly or refluxy.
  • A baby who only turns their head one way, often also preferring to feed off one breast rather than the other.
  • Latching and Feeding difficulties.
  • In older children, check ups after accidents.
  • learning difficulties.
  • recurrent infections.