Case Study: Shed For Life

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My weight-loss journey began in May of 2010 when I hit a record 126.4kg. It didn’t seem to matter which diet I did my results were pathetic.  I decided to work with a nutritionist and shed a staggering 32kg over the next 7 months.  I felt amazing and had started to participate in my life rather than being a spectator.

At -32kg my body decided it had had enough and put on the brakes.  I couldn’t get my weight to shift any further despite increasing my exercise, making no significant changes to my eating patterns of the previous 7 months and continuing to drink lots and lots of water.  It didn’t matter what I tried nothing seemed to work.

I was really pleased with my results but at 165cm (5” 4’) and still weighing in at 94.5kg I knew I was still holding on to weight that shouldn’t be there.  I was still classified as obese.

Over the next 8 or 9 months I slowly put on about 5kg despite efforts to maintain or shed any further weight.  I investigated other possibilities such as my Thyroid function that might be causing me to be unable to shift any more weight.

Nicki had watched my progress on this journey and had watched me become increasingly frustrated with my lack of progress despite my best efforts. When she approached me about the Shed for Life programme I was initially very sceptical.

My biggest fear was that if I embarked on the Shed for Life programme that I would lose muscle mass. (This fear came from knowing that most diets result in weight loss occurring due to loss of muscle mass and that often people will end up with more body fat after they have finished dieting than they had before they started).  I was now actively playing Women’s Roller Derby so a loss of muscle mass for me was going to be completely unacceptable.

Nicki provided me with some literature to read so that I understood the concepts behind the diet.  She explained how the BIA machine worked and we agreed that if my muscle mass was significantly affected by the diet I could pull out at any time.

I embarked on my Shed for Life journey in October 2011.  It was amazing to literally just watch the weight falling off.  It was amazing to be eating so little and to not feel hungry at all.  It was amazing to be able to skate and carry out my normal daily routine without feeling fatigued and stir-crazy as you often can do on diets.  It was amazing to have friends commenting week to week on being “the incredible disappearing woman”.  After all the frustration of the previous 8 or 9 months this was exactly the boost I needed.  The motivation that is so difficult to maintain in most diets was there because the results were coming thick and fast.

Nicki was amazing.  She was never more than an email away if I had questions that needed answering, if I needed reassurance or if I just wanted to talk about my progress or my day.  I emailed her nearly every day with my progress.

My muscle mass?  Well turns out I didn’t need to worry about that at all.  The BIA machine provided me with the peace of mind that I needed.  In my biggest weight loss week I shed 5.5kg and only 500gms of that was muscle mass.  By the following week I had gained that back and then some.

I can’t recommend this programme enough.  I look at photos of me taken prior to starting the programme.  I know that these photos were taken when I thought I was looking pretty good.  I am surprised to see how thick I was through my upper body in these photos.  All of that thickness has now gone and I have definition between my boobs and my stomach!  I feel a million dollars.

I look at my BIA reports regularly and show anyone who is interested my progress via the reports.  When I started the Shed for Life journey I had around 50kg of body fat.  When I finished Phase 3 of the journey I had around 32kg.  AMAZING!!  I shed around 15kg on this programme – so quick and incredibly easy.  I shed 18kg of body fat.  I gained muscle mass.  I am more hydrated now than before I started this journey and my health risk has dropped from high to medium.  The BIA machine gives reassurance every step of the way about the changes that are occurring within your body.  It’s brilliant.

I am going to work with Nicki again this year to complete my weight loss journey.  Weight has been a issue for me for the last 22 years since having my first baby.  I now know that it won’t ever be an issue for me again.  I know what I need to do to be healthy and to keep that weight off and as long as I do those things I will succeed in my goal.  Even Christmas couldn’t trip me up!

I went derby skating again this week (January 11) for the first time since November and all the girls commented on me fading away.  My skating name, Legenderriere, they think is in danger of being unsuitable.  The comment that made me smile the most (and it’s miles from the truth) “Look at you, you’re practically anorexic!”  After being fat, uncomfortable and overweight for 22 years I’ll take that as a compliment.


Shed for Life - success story