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Osteopathy helping through pregnancy and post natally

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Here’s a small testimonial from one of our patients, who has received care through both of her pregnancies and post natally at Twig.

“I was first treated by Debbie Ryan in 2008 when I was heavily pregnant and had sciatic pain down my right leg. From the first treatment I was hooked! I was amazed by how such a gentle and relaxing process could relieve pain that had me hobbling and finding sleeping almost impossible. Debbie helped me through the end of my pregnancy and then treated both my son and I after his birth. I remember seeing him just melt into a peaceful sleep through the treatment. On-going osteopathy helped my body recover post birth and then through my second pregnancy also. Debbie was also on hand to treat my second son when he fell and broke his leg. She has treated both my sons and I for quite some time now and has assisted us in many situations and circumstances such as toileting, sleep issues and growing pains to name a few. I feel so lucky to have found a practitioner whom I totally trust with my health and the health of my sons. Debbie has helped me more than I can say and I can’t imagine how birthing, recovery and my son’s lives so far would have been without her support and skill.”

Growing Pains

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Helping Children with growth, with osteopathy through all ages is something that can make a big difference to kids and families.

Growing pains are common, but not normal, it usually means that there’s some unresolved strain in the body. It can be more common in really active sporty kids, and due to common universal ages of growth spurts, is very common in children around the ages of 9, 12 and 14.
The osteopath can gently and quickly release these strains leaving kids way more comfortable and able to continue with the activities they love.

Here’s a testimonial:

“Some years ago my daughter developed intermittent pain in her knees. It would come on near a growth spurt and at one point she couldn’t walk up the hill to school as it was so uncomfortable. I took her to a few different doctors and x-rays were taken. There was no diagnosis or suggestions to make it better. I was reminded to visit Deborah Ryan at the Twig Centre. I had had a few treatments myself following a pretty scary skin flare and these I had found very beneficial. My daughter had a few treatments with Deborah and the knee problem disappeared! We occasionally go for a treatment if my daughter indicates some discomfort but this is only ever very minor pain so I consider the treatment like a WOF to straighten things out. The only way my daughter and I can describe the effect of the treatment is that, where her growing somehow glued things up in her knees, Deborah was able to unstick it! My son is also treated by Debrorah- he is a typical boy who has fun outdoors banging, twisting and scraping bits of his body … my son reports that he is always far more comfortable immediately after a treatment.”

S. Hutt Valley 20/4/15

Case Study: Shed For Life

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My weight-loss journey began in May of 2010 when I hit a record 126.4kg. It didn’t seem to matter which diet I did my results were pathetic.  I decided to work with a nutritionist and shed a staggering 32kg over the next 7 months.  I felt amazing and had started to participate in my life rather than being a spectator.

At -32kg my body decided it had had enough and put on the brakes.  I couldn’t get my weight to shift any further despite increasing my exercise, making no significant changes to my eating patterns of the previous 7 months and continuing to drink lots and lots of water.  It didn’t matter what I tried nothing seemed to work.

I was really pleased with my results but at 165cm (5” 4’) and still weighing in at 94.5kg I knew I was still holding on to weight that shouldn’t be there.  I was still classified as obese.

Over the next 8 or 9 months I slowly put on about 5kg despite efforts to maintain or shed any further weight.  I investigated other possibilities such as my Thyroid function that might be causing me to be unable to shift any more weight.

Nicki had watched my progress on this journey and had watched me become increasingly frustrated with my lack of progress despite my best efforts. When she approached me about the Shed for Life programme I was initially very sceptical.

My biggest fear was that if I embarked on the Shed for Life programme that I would lose muscle mass. (This fear came from knowing that most diets result in weight loss occurring due to loss of muscle mass and that often people will end up with more body fat after they have finished dieting than they had before they started).  I was now actively playing Women’s Roller Derby so a loss of muscle mass for me was going to be completely unacceptable.

Nicki provided me with some literature to read so that I understood the concepts behind the diet.  She explained how the BIA machine worked and we agreed that if my muscle mass was significantly affected by the diet I could pull out at any time.

I embarked on my Shed for Life journey in October 2011.  It was amazing to literally just watch the weight falling off.  It was amazing to be eating so little and to not feel hungry at all.  It was amazing to be able to skate and carry out my normal daily routine without feeling fatigued and stir-crazy as you often can do on diets.  It was amazing to have friends commenting week to week on being “the incredible disappearing woman”.  After all the frustration of the previous 8 or 9 months this was exactly the boost I needed.  The motivation that is so difficult to maintain in most diets was there because the results were coming thick and fast.

Nicki was amazing.  She was never more than an email away if I had questions that needed answering, if I needed reassurance or if I just wanted to talk about my progress or my day.  I emailed her nearly every day with my progress.

My muscle mass?  Well turns out I didn’t need to worry about that at all.  The BIA machine provided me with the peace of mind that I needed.  In my biggest weight loss week I shed 5.5kg and only 500gms of that was muscle mass.  By the following week I had gained that back and then some.

I can’t recommend this programme enough.  I look at photos of me taken prior to starting the programme.  I know that these photos were taken when I thought I was looking pretty good.  I am surprised to see how thick I was through my upper body in these photos.  All of that thickness has now gone and I have definition between my boobs and my stomach!  I feel a million dollars.

I look at my BIA reports regularly and show anyone who is interested my progress via the reports.  When I started the Shed for Life journey I had around 50kg of body fat.  When I finished Phase 3 of the journey I had around 32kg.  AMAZING!!  I shed around 15kg on this programme – so quick and incredibly easy.  I shed 18kg of body fat.  I gained muscle mass.  I am more hydrated now than before I started this journey and my health risk has dropped from high to medium.  The BIA machine gives reassurance every step of the way about the changes that are occurring within your body.  It’s brilliant.

I am going to work with Nicki again this year to complete my weight loss journey.  Weight has been a issue for me for the last 22 years since having my first baby.  I now know that it won’t ever be an issue for me again.  I know what I need to do to be healthy and to keep that weight off and as long as I do those things I will succeed in my goal.  Even Christmas couldn’t trip me up!

I went derby skating again this week (January 11) for the first time since November and all the girls commented on me fading away.  My skating name, Legenderriere, they think is in danger of being unsuitable.  The comment that made me smile the most (and it’s miles from the truth) “Look at you, you’re practically anorexic!”  After being fat, uncomfortable and overweight for 22 years I’ll take that as a compliment.


Shed for Life - success story

Osteopathy recommendation

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Deborah Ryan – Osteopath.

I first started seeing an osteopath for my son. I saw great results, but it took almost a year before I thought about it for myself. Somehow I thought I didn’t need it or deserve it ‘as much’ as a child!   That was 4 years ago, since then I’ve come to see my osteopath for small things (like a pulled muscle) and big things (like recovery from major surgery).  In 2010 I had 5 months of chemotherapy, I saw Debbie every week and came through the chemo treatment much better than any of my specialists expected, i.e. I never vomited, never had mouth ulcers and while I lost all my hair, it also started growing back during my treatment. While I slept alot, I was by no means bed ridden throughout that time.  While I don’t understand how osteopathy works, I can testify to how it feels, which is like connecting myself back together, physically my symptoms reduce, and at a mental or spiritual level I always feel more whole, more calm and resilient.  Now, because of that I use osteopathy to keep myself well as much as to recover from anything!

– N. Wellington


…Our family’s one stop wellness shop…

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Nicki Walker – Enhance Health – Homeopath.

Nicki Walker is my 4th homoeopath (due to moving countries) and by far the best. She is a delight to visit, professional, intuitive, and easy to talk to. Most importantly, our family’s one stop wellness shop. There is no ailment we have thrown her way that she has not cured or eased immensely.

– Megan


…I feel that I can tell Nicki anything…

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Nicki Walker – Enhance Health – Homeopath.

I think that I benefit by using homeopathy because it helps me not only on the physical front but also on the emotional front which is extremely helpful when I’m going through school. Also I feel that I can tell Nicki anything and everything I need to.

– Emma  (Age 9, nearly 10)


…Homeopathy has transformed my life…

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Nicki Walker – Enhance Health – Homeopath.

Using Nicki and homeopathy has transformed my life over the last nine years. It was a significant help in my recovery from bad post natal depression. I have regained my health after years of difficulties with Chronic Fatigue. Now I have the confidence to do things I never thought I would do.

As a mother I have found homeopathy a great support. My daughter has been helped with a range of physical problems from eczema and asthma to childhood illnesses and glandular fever. I have also used homeopathy very successfully to support her emotionally, especially around issues at school.

Nicki is easy to talk and provides a welcoming and safe space.

– Claire


Family treatment

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Osteopath: Deborah Ryan.

I have been to Osteopaths before but since I was recommended to Deborah I would not go anywhere else. Although I am sure the other Osteopaths did help – with Deborah it has been the first time I have felt and seen before my eyes the treatment taking effect.

Going to Deborah has certainly been a ‘family affair’ with my husband, 3 daughters and I all have been treated by Deborah. Also numerous friends that I have recommended have either been to Deborah or other practitioners at the Twig Centre and have been grateful for the recommendation and the treatment that they have received.

While I was pregnant with my twins I felt so much relieve being treated by Deborah – my chest and tummy were so tight from getting bigger quicker than my other pregnancy. After seeing Deborah I would have instant relieve and feel like I could breathe so much better. After having my caesarean for the twins I went to Deborah & she was able to help the uterus contract properly as with a c-section your body does not know properly that the babies have been born – I could feel this working and also the treatment then and other times have given me the much needed energy I have required to run around like I do.

With the twins who are now 10 months old they had a bit of a rough start to life being born early and a bit squashed in as I am not tall. Twin A was pretty good but due to being squashed in had a bit of a crick in her neck which Deborah was able to sort and just recently after a virus had knocked her around a bit I could see during the treatment that she was going from a grizzly kid we had for a couple of weeks to being happy and having her ‘batteries charged’ in the ½ hour appointment time – it was amazing.

Twin B was only 3 pounds (1300 grams) when she was born due to having a smaller placenta and umbilical cord. She was shoved up under my ribs which did not do her neck any good. Due to this she favoured one side and got quite a flat head on one side. Deborah has been working on this and it is looking much better – still a little way to go but we will get there.

I have taken the twins to Deborah after each immunisation and this helps them process the jab quicker and they deal with them quite well.

My 5 year old has been to see Deborah more as ‘tune-ups’ and to help with the growing process but there has not really been any issues.

We have all found the people at the Twig Centre to be very helpful and lovely to deal with.

– Avril.


Back pain

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Back pain
Treatment type: Osteopathy.

After suffering from back pain for almost ten years, and having tried both chiropracty and physiotherapy to no avail, a friend suggested that I see an osteopath at the Twig Centre. It happened to coincide with being 8 weeks pregnant with my first child and I was worried about how my back would cope. I started having regular cranial osteopathic treatments and I was very quickly, almost pain free.

I continued with treatments after my baby was born and could literally feel the epidural leave my body. I had felt lopsided from it after the birth and immediately felt normal again. I’m still having regular treatments to maintain my ongoing lower back condition.

My baby suffered from silent reflux, gut problems and allergies from birth but regular treatments have helped him to manage these problems and he is now a very happy, healthy 8 month old who is a great sleeper and has slept through the night from an early age. Treatments also help when his teeth and gums are bothering him or if he has a cold. I would recommend osteopathy to any parent even if their baby doesn’t seem unwell. Their bodies change so much so quickly and treatments help their bodies to adjust to that change. People often comment on what a happy and settled baby we have and I honestly believe it’s because of his regular osteopathic treatments.

I can’t recommend the osteopaths at the Twig Centre highly enough. Osteopathy has literally changed my life.

– Penny, Lower Hutt.


Homeopathy: Pregnancy, Labour and Post labour

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Homeopathic: Case study.

Pregnancy is a time when many women will first start to use homeopathy. Often this is because “mum to be” wants to minimise using medicines that may be toxic to the developing baby. This is especially important in the first 3 months.

There are no toxic effects from homeopathic medicines and as such pregnancy is a great time to start to use homeopathy if you have not already done so. Because homeopathic medicines stimulate the body to heal itself this can only be beneficial to the baby. Many midwives have a working knowledge of homeopathic medicines and will refer woman on to a homeopath for pregnancy care. It is my preference to see woman as early on in pregnancy as possible so that we have the opportunity to work in a preventative way right form the start of the pregnancy. In this way, woman are often able to avoid more harmful medications Our work is seen as complementary and we prefer to work closely each woman’s primary health care provider to ensure a healthy pregnancy for both mother and baby.

This article will cover the main health issues woman present with up to delivery. Labour issues and post birth care will be covered in a future article.

First Trimester

Pregnancy related conditions that are often treated in the first trimester include:

Nausea and vomiting

There are a large number of remedies that can be used successfully to assist woman’s body in the process of adjusting to being pregnant.

The remedy given will be matched to each individual woman’s symptoms e.g one woman may have nausea symptoms that include: nausea better for eating, worse in the morning, and 4pm, feels better lying down, thirsty whilst another woman may have symptoms that are: worse for eating, worse in the evening, better fresh air, irritable etc.

The number of doses of a homeopathic remedy will vary – I have treated some woman where the nausea and vomiting responded to 1 dose while other woman I have treated have required a few doses daily for say 10 days repeating when the nausea starts to return.


It is common to have frequency of urination due to the force of the pregnancy against the bladder. This usually requires no treatment. Urinary tract infections however can also occur and require treatment. This condition will respond very effectively to homeopathic remedies. Treatment should always be sought straight away.

Second Trimester

Growth starts to exert upward pressure against the contents of the abdomen, diaphragm and respiratory muscles this may lead to shortness of breath, heartburn and indigestion in the 4th and 5th months. Increasing pressure on the rectum and congestion in the pelvis may lead to constipation and hemorrhoids.

Digestive and Bowel Complaints

Heart-burn and constipation are two very common pregnancy related health issues. Constipation in pregnancy may be accompanied by hemorrhoids. These conditions are often usually quickly relieved with the use homeopathic remedies. Again the remedy used to treat 1 woman’s heartburn may be different to another woman depending on their individual symptoms. After a good response the remedy only needs to be repeated on return of symptoms (refer case below).


Thrush and conditions such as genital herpes and many others are not confined to pregnancy, however, pregnancy is a time when they can become more frequent and of greater concern. It is also the time when it is preferable to treat with medicines that are not going to be toxic for mother or baby.

The treatment of these conditions homeopathically works again by treating the “whole person” by using homeopathically medicines to stimulate your body to heal itself. This form of treatment will benefit not only mother but baby also. Generally the remedy that helps to address these issues will also benefit other health issues that a pregnant woman may be facing. This is because the remedy helps you to restore balance.

Third Trimester

Rapid growth in the last trimester is accompanied by up to a 30% increase in maternal blood volume and cardiac output. The bones in the pelvis are widened and loosened. The baby drops back down into the pelvis increasing pressure on the bladder, rectum and legs.

Varicose Veins

All varices will have an increased tendency to worsen as the pregnancy advances. Some woman can suffer greatly with leg (varicose veins), anal (hemorrhoids) and or vulval varices. There are many very good homeopathic remedies that can match the worst cases and provide considerable relief to the sufferer.

Muscular and Joint Pains

Pains will occur to a greater or lesser degree from aches to twinges to pain. Pains may occur anywhere and anyone with an existing tendency will find their aches and pains exacerbated in pregnancy. Osteopathic treatment is very advisable with homeopathic remedies given to complement this treatment.


Fluid retention, high blood pressure, toxemia, skin rashes, abnormal presentation and so on are possible in the late stages of pregnancy. These conditions require careful monitoring and may lead to hospitilisation in the worst cases.

Emotional Problems

Emotional problems can often re-surface during pregnancy after being tucked away safely for maybe years. These may be old fears, previous grief’s and/or traumas and so on. Starting a family is such a huge life changing step that it makes absolute sense that the past may present itself to be looked at. Pregnancy therefore provides an opportunity for personal growth and development. Homoeopathy has helped many woman, pregnant or non pregnant to overcome a wide range of mental and emotional issues from fears to depression.

I had a case early this year where a patient of mine rang to say that an old fear had resurfaced and both she and her midwife felt that she was not going to go into natural labour while the fear was so prominent. She was due to be induced the next day. I took her case by phone and prescribed the same remedy I had prescribed 2 years earlier for the same fear (which she had responded to very well – at that time the fear resulted in insomnia). The following morning I had a call to say that the extreme anxiety was gone and she felt that she could now go into labour and that’s exactly what happened with the birth of a healthy wee girl.


Mrs J presented at 20 weeks with a number of health issues:

  • Constipation from early in pregnancy.
  • History of pyelonephritis with 2 previous pregnancies at 40 weeks and 30 weeks respectively. Treated previously by IV and oral antibiotics.
  • History of heartburn in previous pregnancies previously treated with Gavascon
  • Restless legs worse at night
  • Previously uterine infections post birth

Follow up 4 weeks later at 24 weeks

  • No constipation at all after 3 doses of her remedy.
  • Plan – repeat remedy in next potency up only on return of symptoms.

Phone Call 28 weeks

  • Itching all over worse between 6 and 8pm in the evening
  • Heartburn worse between 6 and 8pm at night with regurgitation up into throat, worse lying down in bed
  • Fidgety legs worse in bed
  • Plan repeat same remedy in the higher dose previously recommended

Follow up at 30 Weeks

Repeated remedy for restless legs, heartburn and itching skin. All symptoms went after a further dose of the remedy.

  • Mrs J had also started to develop right sided kidney – pain worse for coughing, sneezing, sharp pains. No fever. Drinking plenty of fluid. Had repeated her remedy and feeling like she is doing well.
  • Plan – kidney support given in low homeopathic dose (not in herbal form as this would not be advisable in pregnancy) and a higher dose of the same remedy to take only if needed.

Follow up a few days later by phone

  • All niggles in the kidney region cleared.

Follow up 35 weeks – Labour and Post Birth advice

  • Pregnancy 100% better emotionally and physically over previous 2 pregnancies.
  • Looked at previous 2 labours and post labour issues of cracked nipples and mastitis
  • Plan – Homeopathic remedies for birth and post birth given.

She would like to add the following:

  • Delivered a health baby girl weighing in at 8 pounds 13oz on 6 July 2002.

Post Script

Mrs J advised that she delivered a healthy baby girl weighing in at 8 pounds 13oz on 6 July 2002. Labour was excellent and a quick labour, no complications no problems at all. For the first time Mrs J experienced no post labour infection and said she was back on her feet much quicker than with her previous 2 pregnancies.