Profile your inner health and see how well you are ageing with Bioimpedence Analysis (BIA)

Nicki Walker has introuduced Bioimpedence Analysis into her clinic.

This is a simple, safe and effective testing process designed to give a detailed picture of your inner health, at a cellular level.

Bioimpedence Analysis (BIA) is a science originally used to monitor patients after surgery in hospitals (

In essence, the testing process, reveals how good your batteries (cells) are operating, that is, whether you have long life duracell batteries or batteries that are not currently holding their charge as well as they should.

There is nothing like seeing in black and white, how you are doing healthwise. It will highlight areas for improvement in a very specific way. This is very motivational!!

An example of some of the information you will receive from the testing process includes the following:

Biological Age – the test will reveal how well your body is ageing relative to your actual age.

Cellular Composition – This reading shows whether the make up of your cell has the right balance of:

  • muscle mass
  • fat mass
  • fat distribution
  • water
  • cardiovascular risk level

Hydration Levels – a separate reading for hydration levels is given and will also indicate how much fluid you should be drinking in a day for your body type and level of activity.

Cellular Quality – the quality of our cells is essential for good energy production and long term health. This means we want our cells to be plump like a healthy grape, not withered like a sultana. People suffering from stress, chronic disease, poor diet and exercise etc will usually have a poorer reading.

Having the right cellular composition (quantity) and cellular quality is linked to ageing well.

The good news is that your ‘inner health’ can be improved and you can see evidence of the changes you make with retesting.

Nicki will also test whether you need zinc using a zinc tally test as well as testing body acid and toxicity levels.

Testing options:

1) Full analysis including zinc tally and body acid levels

Appointment 1  – 45 minutes face to face. This will include discussing your health concerns and goals to make the most from your initial testing session, it will be helpful if you could complete the questionnaires (available for download here) and to follow the pre-consultation advice. If you forget to do this prior to your appointment please come early (15-20 minutes) and complete them in the waiting room.

The BIA test involves connecting you up with leads so a very low current can be applied. This is safe and painless.

Appointment 2 – Report of findings and Treatment Plan – 30 minutes. The treatment plan may include any or all of the following:

  • Exercise advice
  • Diet advice
  • Weight loss program – Shed 4 Life; Blood Type Diet, or Shake It programme
  • Detox program
  • Supplement advice
  • Referral to another practitioner if required

Appointment 3 – Initial Progress Follow up

2) BIA Quick test with verbal overview – 1/2 Hour

This option may suit those of you who:

  • feel healthy but want to have that confirmed
  • want to identify any areas that could be further improved and get advice on how to do that
  • want to know how much weight to lose for optimal health
  • are undertaking weight loss programmes elsewhere and want to have regular reposrt of progress for motivational and health reasons i.e monitor fat mass reduction and improvement to cardiovascular risk

So, who should be tested ?

IF you are:

  • sluggish and lacking in energy;
  • wanting to support the health and nutrition of your body
  • wanting to lose weight with a lifestyle change and then maintain it;
  • sick of dieting and failing to reach your goals or you reach them but can’t maintain your ideal weight;
  • at risk of cardiovascular disease and/or diabetes and want to work on reducing this risk;
  • suffering from chronic illness and want to see what you can do to support your body;
  • already embarking or about to embark on a health program and you want to monitor changes to assess what you are doing is working. BIA is a very motivational tool and will help you to reach your goals. Clients can come and be tested regularly to check progress and get additional advice on how your results might be improved.
  • feeling healthy but unsure how healthy. BIA is a fantastic way to confirm that what you are doing is working. You will also get a better understanding of how what you are doing relates to your ‘inner health’ picture. You will also be given advice and tips to ensure you are able to extend and maintain your healthy status.
  • wanting to maintain wellness with wellness check ups.

Case Study

An example of a clients initial BIA test is highlighted below and a report after implementing a treatment plan for 2 months is shown below the initial reading.

Report findings (chart above)
Initial December 2011 report shows:

  • 10.41 Kilos of excess fat mass
  • Body Mass Index of 26.5
  • Under muscle by 6.49 Kilos
  • Poor (ATM) Cell Quality
  • High toxicity levels and inflammatory levels and so ability for cells to hold water is poor (cellular fluid balance reading)
  • Biological Age 77 and real age is 65
  • Implement treatment plan

Report findings (chart above)
After 2 months (end of January 2012 report shows):

  • Lost 8.05 Kilos of Fat
  • Body Mass Index 25.10
  • Gained over 6 kilos of muscle
  • Cell Quality now above average
  • Toxicity levels and inflammation improved hugely. Cells holding water better
  • Biological Age now 7 years younger than actual age
  • Hydration improved