Helping Children with growth, with osteopathy through all ages is something that can make a big difference to kids and families.

Growing pains are common, but not normal, it usually means that there’s some unresolved strain in the body. It can be more common in really active sporty kids, and due to common universal ages of growth spurts, is very common in children around the ages of 9, 12 and 14.
The osteopath can gently and quickly release these strains leaving kids way more comfortable and able to continue with the activities they love.

Here’s a testimonial:

“Some years ago my daughter developed intermittent pain in her knees. It would come on near a growth spurt and at one point she couldn’t walk up the hill to school as it was so uncomfortable. I took her to a few different doctors and x-rays were taken. There was no diagnosis or suggestions to make it better. I was reminded to visit Deborah Ryan at the Twig Centre. I had had a few treatments myself following a pretty scary skin flare and these I had found very beneficial. My daughter had a few treatments with Deborah and the knee problem disappeared! We occasionally go for a treatment if my daughter indicates some discomfort but this is only ever very minor pain so I consider the treatment like a WOF to straighten things out. The only way my daughter and I can describe the effect of the treatment is that, where her growing somehow glued things up in her knees, Deborah was able to unstick it! My son is also treated by Debrorah- he is a typical boy who has fun outdoors banging, twisting and scraping bits of his body … my son reports that he is always far more comfortable immediately after a treatment.”

S. Hutt Valley 20/4/15