Deborah Ryan – Osteopath.

I first started seeing an osteopath for my son. I saw great results, but it took almost a year before I thought about it for myself. Somehow I thought I didn’t need it or deserve it ‘as much’ as a child!   That was 4 years ago, since then I’ve come to see my osteopath for small things (like a pulled muscle) and big things (like recovery from major surgery).  In 2010 I had 5 months of chemotherapy, I saw Debbie every week and came through the chemo treatment much better than any of my specialists expected, i.e. I never vomited, never had mouth ulcers and while I lost all my hair, it also started growing back during my treatment. While I slept alot, I was by no means bed ridden throughout that time.  While I don’t understand how osteopathy works, I can testify to how it feels, which is like connecting myself back together, physically my symptoms reduce, and at a mental or spiritual level I always feel more whole, more calm and resilient.  Now, because of that I use osteopathy to keep myself well as much as to recover from anything!

– N. Wellington