Osteopathy: Case study.

When her baby was four months old Sandra was getting increasingly fed up. She’d had four bouts of mastitis with four lots of anti-biotics. She was feeling realy tired, which she couldn’t understand because she was actually getting a good nights sleep. Her low back was also aching.

Sandra had had a good delivery, her baby was born after four hours of labour, she needed no pain relief & there was no tearing. She therefore expected to heal well & was a little confused as to why she felt so dreadful.

When I examined Sandra I found that there was sacral sag- dural drag. This is when the tailbone gets dragged down between the two hip bones (ilia). This is very common after any delivery, but is more severe after a very rapid or long delivery. Sandra’s immune system & lymphatics (the drainage system) were very sluggish.

Treatment was focused on removing the sacral sag- dural drag, & improving the immune & drainage function. When I saw Sandra 2 weeks later, she was well. She had loads more energy, she was feeling happier with no back pain. She was pleased because although she’d had one episode of a blocked milk duct, she had successfully used compression to treat it, which had not worked with the previous episodes which had then therefore progressed to mastitis.