Osteopathy: Case study.

A lady expecting her second child came to see me for a check up at 37 weeks pregnant. Her last pregnancy had Osteopathy and Post Natal Care Post-natally osteopathy can have an important role in how a woman feels and copes with her first year of becoming a mother.

Labour can leave strains in the body, through the pelvis but also affecting the whole spine and head. A woman’s body is designed to delver babies, but sometimes things don’t go to plan, or the labour was longer than we might of hoped for. Unresolved labour strains may lead to back and tailbone pain, headaches, tiredness and in some cases low mood. When treating women after the birth of their baby, we are once again seeking to restore symmetry and balance throughout the body.

Strains in the tailbone (sacrum and coccyx) and at the front of the pelvis (symphysis pubis) potentially can have long term effects. These effects can include: pain felt, pelvic floor function and general health of the pelvic organs.