Osteopath: Deborah Ryan.

I have been to Osteopaths before but since I was recommended to Deborah I would not go anywhere else. Although I am sure the other Osteopaths did help – with Deborah it has been the first time I have felt and seen before my eyes the treatment taking effect.

Going to Deborah has certainly been a ‘family affair’ with my husband, 3 daughters and I all have been treated by Deborah. Also numerous friends that I have recommended have either been to Deborah or other practitioners at the Twig Centre and have been grateful for the recommendation and the treatment that they have received.

While I was pregnant with my twins I felt so much relieve being treated by Deborah – my chest and tummy were so tight from getting bigger quicker than my other pregnancy. After seeing Deborah I would have instant relieve and feel like I could breathe so much better. After having my caesarean for the twins I went to Deborah & she was able to help the uterus contract properly as with a c-section your body does not know properly that the babies have been born – I could feel this working and also the treatment then and other times have given me the much needed energy I have required to run around like I do.

With the twins who are now 10 months old they had a bit of a rough start to life being born early and a bit squashed in as I am not tall. Twin A was pretty good but due to being squashed in had a bit of a crick in her neck which Deborah was able to sort and just recently after a virus had knocked her around a bit I could see during the treatment that she was going from a grizzly kid we had for a couple of weeks to being happy and having her ‘batteries charged’ in the ½ hour appointment time – it was amazing.

Twin B was only 3 pounds (1300 grams) when she was born due to having a smaller placenta and umbilical cord. She was shoved up under my ribs which did not do her neck any good. Due to this she favoured one side and got quite a flat head on one side. Deborah has been working on this and it is looking much better – still a little way to go but we will get there.

I have taken the twins to Deborah after each immunisation and this helps them process the jab quicker and they deal with them quite well.

My 5 year old has been to see Deborah more as ‘tune-ups’ and to help with the growing process but there has not really been any issues.

We have all found the people at the Twig Centre to be very helpful and lovely to deal with.

– Avril.