Back pain
Treatment type: Osteopathy.

After suffering from back pain for almost ten years, and having tried both chiropracty and physiotherapy to no avail, a friend suggested that I see an osteopath at the Twig Centre. It happened to coincide with being 8 weeks pregnant with my first child and I was worried about how my back would cope. I started having regular cranial osteopathic treatments and I was very quickly, almost pain free.

I continued with treatments after my baby was born and could literally feel the epidural leave my body. I had felt lopsided from it after the birth and immediately felt normal again. I’m still having regular treatments to maintain my ongoing lower back condition.

My baby suffered from silent reflux, gut problems and allergies from birth but regular treatments have helped him to manage these problems and he is now a very happy, healthy 8 month old who is a great sleeper and has slept through the night from an early age. Treatments also help when his teeth and gums are bothering him or if he has a cold. I would recommend osteopathy to any parent even if their baby doesn’t seem unwell. Their bodies change so much so quickly and treatments help their bodies to adjust to that change. People often comment on what a happy and settled baby we have and I honestly believe it’s because of his regular osteopathic treatments.

I can’t recommend the osteopaths at the Twig Centre highly enough. Osteopathy has literally changed my life.

– Penny, Lower Hutt.