Osteopathy: Case study.

A lady expecting her second child came to see me for a check up at 37 weeks pregnant. Her last pregnancy had ended with an induction due to pre- eclampsia (toxemia), the outcome was a caesarean being performed. She was keen to avoid a repeat of this experience and was planning a vaginal delivery.

On examination I found that there was a lot of boney and muscular tension through the pelvis. With the pelvis sitting in a very “square” position rather than the opened out position that we would expect at this late stage of pregnancy. This resistance through the pelvis could potentially slow a vaginal delivery and possibly even prevent it.

Osteopathic treatment was focused on helping the body and pelvis accommodate the baby. The patient’s vitality and health were good and she responded well to the treatment.

On the second treatment, there was much improvement in the pelvis. Osteopathic treatment was again directed making sure that the pelvis was in optimum position and able to make the movements necessary for labour. Her daughter was born by normal vaginal delivery 2 weeks later with no interventions.